Monday, 11 October 2010

Spicy toffee nut pears

220g Granulated sugar
110ml Water
25g Butter
1/2tsp Cider vinegar
1/2tsp Cayenne pepper
1 Star anise
A handful of chopped mixed nuts

It's a good idea to use slightly under ripe pears. Heat the water in a pan, add sugar as it warms to dissolve. Stir in butter, vinegar, pepper and star anise and bring to the boil. You need to heat the toffee to hard-crack stage; this takes about 10 minutes, after which a small drop spooned into cold water will go rock hard and sink to the bottom. Stir in nuts, poke a stick into the top of each pear and coat in nutty toffee. Consume with youthful abandon.


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