Monday, 28 February 2011

Sweet violet scented sugar

Fortune cast me a favourable glance this afternoon. Trudging back along a muddy path towards the railway crossing, I stumbled across a patch of sweet violets huddled underneath two old chestnut trees. The small purple flowers were in abundance, so I felt guilt-free in confiscating a handful. I've yet to decide what to make with the sugar, but I'll keep you posted. Kind of feels like I need a bit of zesty lime in the equation somewhere...

Sweet violet scented sugar

A handful of sweet violet petals

Granulated sugar

Scatter a layer of violet petals at the bottom of a jar. Cover with sugar and repeat the

process, building up petal/sugar layers until the jar is full. Leave for about a week,

then remove the violets.


  1. Oh That is so pretty .. I want to put my wellies on right now and stomp around the countryside looking for Violets. Where did you say you lived near again? !

  2. Nice pics. Good idea

  3. Walks along a country path always bring such beautiful treasures!
    Lime sounds perfect to match with violet, also for the wonderful chromatic contrast!