Monday, 5 December 2011


There’s a surplus of membrillo in fridge. Slabs of the stuff; I could probably tile the utility room with this year’s batch alone. Perhaps I could use that spare jar of damson jam as grout? Anyway, i’m saving a good wedge for the Christmas cheeseboard, but a simple cocktail made from membrillo, clementine juice and fizz is a great seasonal twist on the classic Bellini.


2 sugar cube-sized chunks of membrillo

The juice of 1 clementine


Mash the membrillo and clementine juice together, then pour the syrup into the bottom of a champagne flute. Top up with prosecco, then "Quaff" (as they say in Farnborough's sultry nightspots).


  1. Oh ho. Oh ho ho ho ho. Just getting into the festive spirit ;) Plenty of membrillo in the house - now just need to find clementines which, sadly, are not ordinarily found in the hedgerows around here...

  2. Gorgeous. I have the same problem! Look up pastellitos de membrillo as another way of using it. They turn out like tiny (tho much prettier) jam doughnuts.

  3. Dare I ask - what is membrillo?

    Loving the colourful shots lately! :)

  4. It's quince paste - you might have had it with cheese? Thanks for the tip Lia; Ottolenghi did a nice looking membrillo & stilton tart in the Guardian on Saturday too...

  5. I want that now!

  6. Fantastic recipe!! I made my very first batch of dulce de membrillo this year and this will be a great way to use some of it :) Maybe even with a Cava to "spanish it up" ;) Great post!