Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sticky Pear and Perry sausages with Cobnuts

I love these early Autumn days. There's a familiar note in the air; crisp mornings warmed gently by a thin sun, scented with an earthy perfume of wood, wet leaves and smoke. It's a wonderful time to cook with fresh, seasonal produce - my Butcher took delivery of his first batch of local Wood Pigeons at the weekend, a brace of which are now residing in our freezer. It's a bit early for many wild nuts, but Kentish Cobnuts are available right now - their fresh crunch adds a lovely contrast to the soft, yielding pears and sticky sausages in this dish.

6 Good quality pork sausages
A knob of butter
3 Ripe Pears
2Tbsp Honey
1Tbsp Wholegrain mustard
A small wine glass of Perry (if you can't Perry, cider will be just as nice)
Fresh Cobnuts
Salt and pepper

In a large pan, fry the sausages on the hob until browned nicely. Add a good knob of butter, half the pears, then add them to the pan (you can griddle the cut side beforehand if you like – I always think that the charred lines add an extra visual dimension). Stir in the Perry, mustard and honey - season, then pop a lid on the pan and simmer on low for 20 minutes, turning the pears and sausages intermittently. Serve with a scattering of fresh whole Cobnuts and a hearty side of Celeriac mash.


  1. Beautiful and looks delicious. I had fresh cobnuts for the first time this year, having only had dried/ toasted before. Delicious!

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Such a shame the season is so brief!

  3. I recently found your blog and positively adore your images and ideas. I am newly inspired to work on my food photography. Well, and the actual food too. ; ) We are recent transplant to the UK and are enjoying learning about new ingredients. Off to figure out what a cobnut is....

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment StarrySkyRanch. Cobnuts are a joy - you'll have to wait 'til the Autumn to find them though!